If you need any web related professional help, I'm here. This sections has some info about me and how can I help your business or product.


Somewhen around 1985 I hacked an Amstrad tape game so I could win the game without playing (I'm not a gamer, boys). In 1988 I thought I could program robots with MSDOS. In 1996 I got hooked on the IRC. In 2001 I took a HTML course, and found that Javascript was oh so easy (this dream is over). In 2003 I started playing around with Photoshop.

I'm a freelancer since 2010. During all these years I have worked on projects of all sizes and colours, with small companies and international agencies. I'm a curious person, thus I've gained experience and learned from nearly all the industry's fields, from design to code to other technical aspects.

Hire Me

I can help you either if you need a simple landing page, blog, microsite or portfolio or if you are looking for something more complex, such as an online shop or any other dinamic site, which can be built from scratch or using some Content Management System as Wordpress (or any other).

If you are an agency... oh hi! I'm into clean semantic code, also into User Experience and some design. I can work on my own and also interact and communicate with the rest of your team. I am flexible with your workflows, apps, frameworks and timings. I'm not flexible on deadlines: I just deliver on time.

I deal with HTML/CSS, JS/Jquery, Smarty, PHP, MySQL, Responsive Design, Debugging, CMS, Accesibiity, UX, E-commerce, microformats, Web APIs. Programs: Photoshop, InDesign. Web: Sublime, Git, Browser developer tools, YUI Compressor, Bootstrap, Flex... And I love to learn new stuff.


More info

I will give you a fixed rate after discussing your project needs, but I'm also available to work per hour and bill accordingly.
If in doubt, you can write to me, tell me about your project, and give me your budget: I will tell you what we can do in it.
I always bill in Euros and all prices are plus VAT.
Please get in contact to check my current availability, which can change daily. Ideally, book a few weeks in advance.
Contact me anyway if your project requires urgent attention, we'll find a way.
All clients are required to sign a contract that outlines the agreed hours, budget or fixed cost of the project as well as the scope and timeline.